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Artplace America Chooses Philadelphia Promise Zone Project
One of 29 Projects Nationwide to Receive $11 Million in Funding Combined

ArtPlace America has announced that "Public Safety in the Promise Zone" by PEC Community Development Corporation is one of 29 projects chosen, from almost 1,400 applications, to receive funding through its National Creative Placemaking fund for 2016. This project is the only one funded in this round in the state of Pennsylvania.

PEC will partner with Philadelphia' 16th Police District and a network of local West Philadelphia arts organizations to host  a year-long series of outdoor workshops, public performances, and design-build events meant to foster dialogue around public safety and cultural identity.  This arts-centric approach to community organizing will allow PEC to create a community-led commercial corridor development process with the twin goals of equitable economic development and increased public safety that creates an inclusive and accessible community in which all residents can feel safe and thrive in place.

ArtPlace America's National Creative Placemaking Fund is a highly competitive national program -- funding two percent of initial applications -- that invests money in communities across the country in which artists, arts organizations, and arts and culture activity will help drive community development change in the sectors of agriculture and food; economic development; education and youth; environment and energy; health and housing; immigration; public safety; transportation or workforce development.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be adding this dynamic set of projects to our portfolio this year," says F. Javier Torres, Director of National Grantmaking.  "The thoughtful and innovative strategies in this year's projects are truly indicative of the vital role that artists and arts and culture organizations play in strengthening local policy, and the social, physical, and economic fabric of communities."

The complete list of the 2016-awarded projects for ArtPlace America's National Creative Placemaking fund may be found at

Press Contact for PEC:  Trish Downey 267-777-5811 .


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