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Your Support Helps PEC Families Prepare for School

Have you seen the "Back to School" shopping advertisements? They start in July and keep on going into the fall! If you are a parent, it is time to get your children organized for a new school year, while they enjoy summer activities. For most of the moms and kids of PEC, "Back to School" season is an anxious time. Often, their son or daughter won't have what they need for a successful education. We're not talking about big things. It is pencils and erasers, markers and pens, paper and notebooks and a few more things... and a backpack to carry it all. Being prepared for school - with the right materials - leads to the right attitude toward learning. It means being happy with yourself and the promise of the next school day. Each child needs specific items to function in school so they can participate in the day's learning.

As you begin your back to school shopping, check out our Amazon Wishlist to purchase school supplies for PEC families. 

Being prepared for school gives each family we serve a chance to make a life for themselves that they never dreamed of - because of you. Thank you for making a difference in our community!

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