Parents Programs

PEC staff use a combination of parenting and life skills workshops to teach mothers positive ways of  communicating with their children.  

Effective black parenting workshops, based on a nationally recognized culturally sensitive curriculum, teach mothers age-appropriate child development and non-abusive forms of discipline.

Life skills workshops help mothers improve self-esteem, learn how to cope with stress, manage their feelings, and understand how their behavior affects their children. These workshops provide opportunities for mothers to seek individual and group therapy for mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction. Workshops also cover child abuse awareness/prevention, domestic violence education, stress and anger management, sexual abuse, and developing healthy relationships.

Mothers are also provided guidance from PEC staff where their behavior is supervised during parent-child interaction sessions.  During these sessions, mothers are given constructive criticism based on staff assesments and staff model better ways to interact with their children. Our client recognition program encourages their progress.

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