Parents Programs

PEC staff use a combination of parenting and life skills workshops to teach mothers positive ways of  communicating with their children.  

Nurturing Parenting Program with Youth Services, Incorporated provides weekly psycho-educational parenting workshops to our mothers.  The Nurturing Parenting Program is a nationally recognized curriruclulm that is competency based and desigend to assist parents with acquiring knowledge that will assist them with making good decisions; understanding growth and developoment in their children; learning how to develop empathy, manage and communicate feelings; manageing anger and stress; understanding rewards and discipline; and establishing nurturing parenting routines.  

By strategicially aligning with fellow provider YSI, this collaboration enables PEC to c provide responsive and high-quality parenting education to women experiencing homelessness.  It also offers the opportunity for our women to build the foundation for helthy parent/child relationships that will allow for effective parenting, despite the traumatic events and stressors associated with experiencing homelessness.  

Life skills workshops help mothers improve self-esteem, learn how to cope with stress, manage their feelings, and understand how their behavior affects their children. These workshops provide opportunities for mothers to seek individual and group therapy for mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction. Workshops also cover child abuse awareness/prevention, domestic violence education, stress and anger management, sexual abuse, and developing healthy relationships.

Mothers are also provided guidance from PEC staff where their behavior is supervised during parent-child interaction sessions.  During these sessions, mothers are given constructive criticism based on staff assesments and staff model better ways to interact with their children. Our client recognition program encourages their progress.

The Conflict Resolution Network Curriculum assists residents to improve their communication, conflict resolution and general relationship skills in order to effectively manage conflict so that they can parent and manage a stable household, build healthy relationships, and maintain their employment.

The Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM) is a trauma model designed by clinicians at Community Connections in Washington D.C. with considerable input from consumers.  TREM seeks to address issues of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse in the lives of women who have been economically and socially marginalized -- such as PEC mothers -- for whom traditional recovery work has been unavailable or ineffective.  This model's psycho-educational focus and skill-building approach empasizes survivor empowerment and peer support.  The women in our program learn techniques for self-soothing, boundary maintenance and problem solving.

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