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Growing Up Homeless: Promoting Well-Being Among Children Experiencing Homelessness
United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern NJ 1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Event Date: November 01, 2013

Register now for People Emergency Center's forum "Promoting Well-Being Among Children Experiencing Homelessness," to be held November 1, from 2-5:30 PM at the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Building.This forum is the third in the Growing Up Homeless series. This session will feature Dr. Staci Perlman, PEC's 2013 Visiting Scholar and an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware, and Dr. Mary Haskett of North Carolina State University.

A wine and cheese reception will follow.

Dr. Perlman’s presentation will focus on promoting the well-being of children experiencing homelessness, with a specific emphasis on supporting positive parent-child relationships. First, Philadelphia-based data on the prevalence of biological, maternal, and social risks among children served by emergency/transitional housing providers, as well as the timing of these experiences in children’s lives will be shared. Then, preliminary findings from two Philadelphia-based parenting interventions will be shared. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of strategies for promoting positive parent-child interactions in the context of emergency/transitional housing.

Dr. Haskett will share highlights from recent research conducted with a community-based project designed to support the mental health needs of children experiencing homelessness—Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless (CATCH). First, a description and process outcomes of Project CATCH will be presented. Then, results of assessments of more than 300 children enrolled in the project will be discussed. Findings indicate wide individual differences in social-emotional functioning and developmental status of the children, with many children obtaining scores below clinical cutoffs for social-emotional problems and more than one standard deviation above the mean in developmental functioning. Such evidence of resilient functioning is encouraging in light of prior research that has tended to focus on deficits among children experiencing homelessness. The presentation will end with a discussion of our exploration of predictors of resilient functioning.

This forum is a continuation of PEC's Growing Up Homeless series, a four-part series of policy and research seminars being produced by PEC to help inform the work of providers serving homeless youth in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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