Individual / Family Therapy

PEC is committed to helping our families heal from adult and childhood trauma such as family violence and sexual abuse.

PEC provides on-site individual and group counseling and family therapy to mothers and children in our emergency shelter and transitional housing.

PEC’s senior counselor provides individual and family therapy to PEC residents and graduates.  Supported by a psychiatrist from the Consortium, an area nonprofit specializing in mental health and substance abuse services, the senior counselor helps monitor participants who are taking psychotropic medications.  In addition to individualized counseling, the senior counselor leads a women’s group called “My Sister’s Keeper.”  This group focuses on common issues of domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and child abuse and provides opportunities for women to share experiences, to realize that they are not alone, and to provide peer support.  

Our on-site drug and alcohol counselor provides a variety of services for homeless women in recovery from substance abuse, including screening, assessment, individual counseling, support group sessions, and referrals to and follow-up with external treatment programs. 

Research tells us that homeless children suffer from more mental health problems than non-homeless children. Many homeless children have emotional problems serious enough to require professional care. At PEC, a licensed counselor provides specialized group therapy for children during weekly sessions. These sessions focus on emotional development, understanding and communicating feelings, managing anger, following directions, and respecting the rights and feelings of others.

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