Community Development

Strengthening Neighborhoods

PEC Community Development Corporation (PECCDC) strengthens West Philadelphia communities by connecting residents to needed resources, stimulating economic growth by supporting the arts and businesses along Lancaster Avenue, expanding housing and employment opportunities, providing technology education, and improving the quality of life for all residents.  A powerful catalyst for change, PECCDC builds neighborhood assests and responds directly to the needs of the community.

Located in West Philadelphia, PECCDC's community encompasses the Saunders Park, West Powelton, Belmont, Mantua and Mill Creek neighborhoods.  It is bounded by 48th Street to the west, Market Street to the south, 31st Street to the east, and Girard Avenue (west of 44th) and Mantua Avenue (east of 44th) to the north.

To learn more about Lancaster Avenue, check out the website at

The PECCDC e-newsletter is full of useful resourcs and events.  Read it here!

Click here to access the full Make Your Mark Neighborhood Plan, or here to access the executive summary.

Make Your Mark Grant Announcement
Make Your Mark Grant Announcement
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