Building Early Links for Learning

Update! (6/27/17)

BELL's First Year Report has been released!

Learnings from Focus Groups on Increasing Access to Quality Early Childhood Education for Families and Children Experiencing Homelessness,” by The Cloudburst Group

BELL’s focus group reports show critically important insights from thirty-three homeless parents, twelve emergency housing providers, and seven early childhood education providers who provided direct insights into systemic issues and both personal and professional perspectives regarding access to and availability of quality early childhood care for families experiencing homelessness.


Report Released April 18, 2017

Best Practices in Early Care and Education for Young Children Experiencing Homelessness - Prepared for Building Early Links for Learning (BELL) by William Curran-Groome, Research & Evaluation Group of Public Health Management Corporation

BELL Forum Presentations March 16, 2017

Forum Overview

Building Early Links for Learning Year One Outcomes -- S. Shaw, MS, Univ. of Delaware and S. Vrabic, Villanova University

Improving Early Learning Services for Young Children Experiencing Homelesness in Philadelphia -- Amanda Atkinson, Public Health Management Corporation

Surf the Web with JJ! JJ Cutuli, PhD, Rutgers University

BELL: Summary Overview of Key Learnings from Parent and Provider Focus Groups -- Kate Hurd and Chuck Kieffer, The Cloudburst Group

Next Steps: Year 2 -- Janette Herbers, PhD. VIllanova University

Best Practices ECE Young Children Experiencing Homelessnes

PHMC BELL Presentation

Building Early Links for Learning Project (BELL) #bellphl

Philadelphia Homeless Family Service Providers, Early Childhood Educators, and University Partners Collaborate to Support Young Children Experiencing Homelessness




BELL Publications

December Newsletter

BELL promotion of PhlPreK

November 2016 BELL NEWS

September Newsletter

 August Newsletter

BrainGain@PEC | Final Childcare and Development Fund Regulations Report |October 2016

BrainGain@PEC | New HeadStart Regulations September | 2016

Resources and links

What the New Head Start adn Child Care Development Fund Regulations Say about Homeless Children (from NAEHCY)

Joint Policy Statement on Meeting the Needs of Families with Young Children Experiencing and at Risk of Homelessness (from ACF/HHS)

Self Assessment for Emergency Housing Programs (from ACF/HHS)

PA Department of Eduation

City of Philadelphia Early Intervention Resources


Presentations from the BELL Forum

Dr. Janette Herbers & Dr. JJ Cutuli - Protecting Early Development

Sara Shaw - Building Early Links to Learning, Goals and Purpose

Dr. Lindsay Stillman Barranco and Dr. Chuck Kieffer of The Cloudburst Group - Formerly Homeless Families' Experiences with Preschool Enrollment: Policy and Practice Implications

Dr. Grace Whitney - Enhancing Systems to Better Meet the Needs of Young Children



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